2 Oct 2010

update to earlier post

i wrote about an incident earlier in which i was attacked in my flat 20 yrs ago. this week the police informed me they now have a suspect. i am devestated and its made me feel vulnerable and as if it happened yesterday.
i am trying to prepare myself for the court ordeal which is not going to be easy. this man ruined my life and destroyed me as a person, i have to go to court so i can get some closure. i have received some wonderful support from friends which is a great comfort. living alone has made it very hard to cope with, i have been curled on the floor shaking and sobbing. i know this will pass and i know i will survive.
there are some truly wicked and evil ppl in this world and it was my misfortune to cross paths with one.
i am calmer today, maybe due to the diazepan the doctor gave me, but also maybe coz i am over the initial shock. 20 yrs is a long time to wait for justice but i am hopeful that my time has finally come.

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