27 Jan 2010


well i am now a part of the un-employed and its all a bit scary. have to claim benefit so my rent will be paid, dont wanna be homeless and un-employed. god knows how i am gonna manage to live and pay all my bills but no point in stressing coz it will just make my blood pressure worse

24 Jan 2010

Trans Power again

Trans Power

it is empowering being a transgendered person, i can express myself and dont see any reason not to show off my gorgeous body lol

20 Jan 2010

a dull day in london

its cold and wet here in london so to cheer myself up have been creative lol

18 Jan 2010

a hero....

everyone needs a hero once in a while

some art

have been busy over the past few days creating some collage art.....hope you like

16 Jan 2010

Gay Iran

this is my tribute to all those gay ppl in iran who have been tortured and killed just for being gay. a country led by a man who surrounds himself with fit muscular "guards". a classic case of a closet gay gone bad lol

13 Jan 2010

hello world

i amhere and trying to decide what to blog about-nothing special springs to mind so will just upload some crazy pics instead lol

9 Jan 2010


its snowing here in tulse hill but i love it..

2 Jan 2010

Freedom of Speech and Expression

the attack today on the danish cartoonist by a radical somali just goes to show the intolerance of islamic fanatics against out basic beliefs. its just a cartoon so whats the problem? i have seen worse examples of islamic vitriol against the west so why not just accept that in a democratic society we CAN express ourselves unlike a lot of hypocrites in islamic nations who preach one thing and do another.