26 Feb 2010

aint life grand....

theres nothing quite as satisfying for me than creating video art-i can let my imagination run wild and really enjoy creating. i love to use images and distort them so they become unrecognisable and turn into something new. its a great way to let out frustrations and so easy to do esp with affordable software like muvee auto producer6 and sony vegas movie studio8

22 Feb 2010


i am allergic to housework and other such dreary chores - still, i do manage to drag the hoover out once in a while lol
today am off on beryl the bike to visit my former workmates and say hello. i miss them all so much and i really miss my patients.

20 Feb 2010

samsung tocco lite

i bought this mobile today and i love it-its so sleek and simple to use. am very impressed and now can retire my samsung u600

happy saturday

wow - the sun is shining here in tulse hill tho its chilly outside. am only going to venture out to the shops and then stay snug and warm at home lol

17 Feb 2010


its quite a strange experience being un-employed - i am used to working hard on a busy hospital ward and now my days are dragging. well i suppose in a month or so i will be able to look for a new job which will keep me out of mischief lol

13 Feb 2010

Happy Valentines Day

oh its that time of year when you and your loved one gets all romantic and lovey dovey......

12 Feb 2010

Empress Farah Diba of Iran

Farah Diba Pahlavi, the Mother of Iran who supported and promoted womens rights and freedom. all of her good work has been ground into dust by the islamic religious regime

11 Feb 2010

good evening japan


what a hunk

he is so gorgeous


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so its the anniversary of the late shah of irans departure and the take-over by religious bigots in iran. whats to celebrate? a lack of freedom? false arrests? disregard for democracy and political expression?
see the regime of the shah was not so bad in comparisson to the religious lunatics in power now

10 Feb 2010


some of my art - the russian empire

9 Feb 2010


a fine bunch of britons here - it makes me wonder why we remain so tolerant of these fanatics. these are the kind of people who would see me beheaded or stoned to death.....

8 Feb 2010


its monday already, have lots to do today none of which involves fun or excitement-just boring stuff. so am starting my day with a nice cuppa before i start making phone calls to government departments which always involves hanging on the phone listening to hideous lift-music.

4 Feb 2010

love me........love my babies

these are my 2 cute babies, full of mischief and yet they keep me sane. if they are naughty i dont mind as they bring so much joy to me

2 Feb 2010

i need a bit of colour now

after talking about blair and brown i need some colour to lift my spirits lol

Tony and Gordon Show

well i watched some of the tony blair and gordon brown evidence to the iraq war inquiry and have to say neither came out with good reputations. tony blair came across as very shifty and way too much acting to the gallery without actually saying anything new. poor deluded man still thinks he was right-tell that to the families of the dead servicemen and women and those iraqi families.
as for gordon brown well, he is just far too bland to listen too for longer than 5 mins.
its amazing to me that after all this time we are still at war in iraq and the life of the iraqis is barely any better. what are we doing there?