25 Apr 2010

oooooops i have been busy

oh dear i forgot about my blog, been so busy with my art and deviantart. anyway not much been going on apart from still no response from google. for such a major corporation they really do not care about individual customers at all. at least i can display my art on deviantart.com without foolish censorship and hypocrisy. so its sunday amd gonna chill watch rubbish on tv eat chocolates and do little

17 Apr 2010

april delight

cant believe april almost over

9 Apr 2010


what a great site bursting with artistic talent

3 Apr 2010

Google and censorship

oh dear i have fallen foul of the Google Morality Police and my account has been removed for "inappropriate images". it seems my art is not to Googles taste, i do not post pornography on my picasa web albums just a selection of my art which happens to feature male bodies. i suppose i shouldnt be suprised as some american corporations are so puritanical in their beliefs. strange coz i thought Google represented the freedom of the internet, only if you conform to their narrow minded viewpoint. oh well its their loss not mine