26 Jun 2009

19 Jun 2009


poor iran, in the grip of this foolish old man who calls himself Supreme Leader!! he is so out of touch with reality and has shown how biased he is by backing the president and denying any vote rigging. this man is surrounded by a bunch of sychophants who do not tell him the truth. the youth of iran are fed up with having restrictions on how they live and the ayatollah and his cronies should wake up to reality. britain has always been a friend of the iranians and to call us "little satan" is pathetic. iranians are far to sane and educated to beleive the words of this old fool who should retire from public life and let the young people of iran govern themselves

17 Jun 2009

Free Iran

lets hope this is the end of the rule of these bigoted clerics in iran

15 Jun 2009


mondays r always weird - still its nice and sunny and i am not working for a week so am not gonna moan lol

10 Jun 2009

my thoughts

i love 2 let my thoughts drift esp at work when someone is droning on about some new policy or directive lol

7 Jun 2009

Lipstick Liberation..

i am a SHOW OFF lol

i am a bit of a show off - cant help myself, my clothes fall off at the least hint and i flaunt it lol

flaunt it..

showing off

6 Jun 2009

funny vid

D Day

Heroes everyone of them, remembering their bravery at normandy

5 Jun 2009

feeling warm

2centsworth down under

what a fantastic blog - well done damien, its witty and full of hot pics and has had me in fits of laughter!! keep it up

3 Jun 2009

say it with flowers..

men and flowers, a cute combination

2 Jun 2009

Mother Russia

mother russia, it has a great history, the ppl r warm and kind and the scenery is amazing

1 Jun 2009


my workout class....