22 May 2009

mama loukeeya....

i always seem half-naked.......lol

18 May 2009


some creencaps - i like seeing the world from a different angle..

15 May 2009

shahid malik

what an arrogant man who has shown total disrespect to the british people! i hope he looses his seat as an mp and is given a term in jail

6 May 2009

video art

i like to use video and make wild art from them, i use royalty free clips and then mix them with movie maker 2.6 with add on effects, sony vegas as well to finish..the add ons are from pixelan.com


well the sun is shining and i am alive - thats a good start to the day lol as for my love life well.......

2 May 2009

New York

created using royalty free clip, sony vegas, movie maker and effects

1 May 2009

the thames..

i filmed this with my nokia n95, then added effects