31 May 2010

Israeli Shame

yet again israel shows its brutal face by attacking the aid convoy trying to deliver aid to the ppl of gaza. when is the world going to wake up and tell israel it is becoming a fascist state. they have no right to blockade gaza, so what if hamas rules there its the ppls choice not israel. we allow israel to get away with so many crimes just because we feel guilty over the holocaust. enough i say, israel should be condemned and her chief ally, the usa, should do more to curb their outrages

29 May 2010

another bank holiday

i am not keen on them, everything slows down. oh well

28 May 2010


i really like deviantart, so much great art there. i have uploaded some stuff myself but the standard of a lot of it is very high

my new hobby

well have decided to have a go at photography, how hard can that be? so am gonna be snap happy for a bit lol

the photos are of buster, a staff blue cute pup

26 May 2010


how amazing does she look?

18 May 2010

hey ho

well it was sunny this morn but not now lol

17 May 2010


i have been so wrapped up in other things i didnt have time to do any posts.
well here in the uk we have a new form of government and i for one am pleased. i dont see why politics cant be more co-operative and work together more. yes i voted lib-dem but its ok they have teamed up with the tories. so things are looking up now