24 Aug 2010


ppl ask me why i dont believe in god or religion. well its simple, heres a few reasons why i dont.
first you have the catholic church, an institution riddled with sex offenders, its leader claims to be gods vicar on earth and yet refuses to allow condoms to be used to prevent the spread of HIV and other diseases. this same church has a huge fortune and yet rather than using it to help the poor of the world would rather take even more from these ppl. why does the pope need to live in such opulent palaces full of works of art? this religion, along with many others, claim to know the will of God and yet surely if there was a God would they tolerate abuse and prejudice? of course when i worked in a hospital i saw so much pain and suffering and death. the religious nurses told me it was Gods will, why? how can ppl dying from cancer be in Gods interest?
here in the uk we have our own church, another institution that lives in the past. why does it matter if women become bishops? why shouldnt gay ppl become priests? we are told that we are all created in Gods image, so if thats the case we should all have the chance to serve this God.
most of the main religions even seem to worship the same God tho with their own prophets or son of God. if there was a God then why are we allowed to continue killing innocent ppl with bombs? allowing ppl to starve and live in squalor?
so, i dont believe in this God or religion as theres no proof and just observing religious ppl and how they treat others is enough to convince me that i want nothing to do with this nonsense. being a humane person i do respect others views tho, of course that isnt reciprocated by many devout religious ppl.

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